Waves of ice
sting me with your teeth
and swallow me with might.
Drown my soul
in your deep black blurr.
Freeze my hair
my skin, flesh and bones.
Waves of ice
Even though you reflect the light
let there be no shadow of myself
no eyes to see at all.
Turn my tongue raw.
Seal my ears with your sound.
Press my lungs against your grand cold floor.
Breathe in all of my oxygen
and blow it out
leaving me burst.
The tears I will shed
I do not mind,
you will absorb them in your vibes.
Waves of ice
disguise my form
with your thoughts of storm.
You have no restrictions
and this surely isin't fiction,
but a tale of evolution.
For my intuition is rare
and my heart lies bare.

This is inspired by the song "Anthem of a dying day":

This day doesn't seem to die,
It lives on,
Even though it is as unwanted as an earthquake,
Always shaking your problems into bigger ones,
Spreading them around like a million stones
Lying upon the sands of the deepest ocean.
But your lips remain sealed,
Like cold iron bars standing hopeless.
For deep inside of you,
You know clearly who is to blame for the day's new problem.
But you continue to challenge yourself,
Day by day,
Season by season,
Lifetimes through others.