He snuck into her room
She sighed and ate her prune
He touched her feather hair
And kissed her hosier
She moaned as she exhumed…
But out of her head a leg bloomed.

‘Where has my head gone, my syrupy buffoon?’
He just sucked her with delight
As she shivered and howled by galloping sprites
‘Ma Chérie! Your foot, oh what a sight!’
The spirits zapped and zipped their tails
Feeding and drinking amours quails.

Growing weaker in demur
They coughed and quailed in their manure.
When all blood drained
The lover spat, out a mirror came
And he burst into a mighty blue flame.

Abandoned in suspended flails
She blamed the imps in tearful wails.
Once her bubble gust
Thoughts trickled through her lust
Alive and settled as she cussed.

In light, defying perennial laws
Beating the perpetual, evergreen flaws.
An anima suddenly clawed
And animus yawned, stealing all possible breath.
For her reflection, wore the dress, of unborn, immortal death.