I am greeting, the vast world that governs and rules the vibrations I expel every day; the incessant stream of my unconscious. The part I truly, do not know.

The part that when I realise, conceive moments of epiphany, fragments of insight. An apocalypse! To understand oneself, to see ones blueprint forth their eyes in a mental screen, like an unravelling film of parading memories. The battles of my mind, my search for the link, if I may be so bold, the arrival to consciousness through an unfolding story of growing that never ceases. 

Rays flickering in the waters, this buried coffin of thoughts, this body: my body - a submarine of stored history. By seeing myself, I am more open to see others. Yet, how painful it can be to look through analytic binoculars! Devouring every inch of my spirit. A brain swell, a shivering quilt of forms and layer upon layer of mind consuming energy. To genuinely give and deliver from the core of your being, impossible with a bag of rubbish trickling out of you. My guilt swells up. I hold it in my palm, with an exhale of relief.