My first shot at Cavandoli style was the Winged Orthoceras bracelet, made with cotton embroidery thread, an Orthoceras fossil stone, and gazillions of knots. Indeed the millions of knots all tight together is what makes the Cavandoli style a long process - but then there are many Love Knots pieces that have taken me tons of hours/days to create. The Silky necklace and the Vain Jane necklace came straight after, in Cavandoli. Then little Leo the Lion pendant arrived, with my nephew's birth.

The main thing that separates Cavandoli from other macrame techniques is that it can look like it is woven and the designs are created with squared paper (each two knots representing one square), much like knitting, and friendship bracelet patterns. Here is the pattern I made for Vain Jane, inspired by Morrocan prints: