September 2015, this creature sprung to life

A loved one said it looked like a peacock, and could be left untouched. But frills don't fascinate me as much. No, I had bigger dreams for this purple babe. It turned into the Milky Way carriage necklace. It's a Lariat necklace with two options for adjustable length, made with multicolored and black hemp cord, purple leather cord, black onyx gemstones, and metal rings.

The finalised piece reminds me of Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night', crossed with Cinderella's pumpkin transformed into a carriage! Does anyone else see it? I feel a poem springing from this fount...

She tumbled, and bellowed, and burrowed through the tunnel
Falling, and slipping down this endless funnel
Whoosh she landed into the big starry night
With the clouds swirling, and twirling, and whirling in delight
Up and around, down and upside down,
Swish and swoosh, plink and plonk, dunk donk
Sucked into her carriage, she sat like a queen,
Laughing through this ravaging nightly cuisine
Mm aha! I know what you are! You miserable cabbage
Nothing more but my Milky Way carriage

What's interesting about this multicolored cord is how different it can look depending on patterns and other color coordinations. I made the Chrysocholia Heart necklace with the same cord, combined with a green color. Also the Sprouts bracelet, in classic leaf pattern.