One of my aunts traveled home with a giant spool of soft linen thread for knitting - instant excitement in my macramanic head! But I have developed a love/hate relationship with this cord.

I love how the natural color matches almost everything, it doesn't scream loudly in your face, and it has an organic, rough texture to it. It feels earthy. However, during the making process, this linen fella makes one heck of a fluff festival! But hey, it just brings it all down to earth!

The most recent piece made with this linen thread is the Organum pendant. Before that, was the Calypso in Amazonite necklace. Indeed both of these have Amazonite gemstones, I thought the stripes within the stones fitted perfectly with the natural linen color. Here's Calypso in the creative process:

Then there is the Orka necklace, which I'm tempted to paint, add some color into the natural scheme. See what I meant about the love/hate feelings? What do you think, to paint, or not to paint?

And my first attempt at this linen cord was a small leaf part in the tribal in bone necklace.

There's still plenty of this cord left for me to play with, let's see if the hate ever leaves the picture! So far the love seems to take over.