If books were mortal humans, and readers the immortal vampires; then I tell you, drink from the words of Anne Rice and you will thirst for every last drop. And by the end, when your books lie dormant, no more pages to devour into your soul; you will feel the sadness of Louis, the most humane, miserable bastard of them all. Your body will feel invigorated, full of power and golden life, but oh how your heart will yearn, and wish, and hallucinate for more!

Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles are better than drugs, or any shamanic meditation. Open yourself to her stories, let the devil in, and allow him to shake you with his tantric, body shivers, let his tentacles grip into your brains, and fall into the unconscious flow of Anne Rice’s stories. Yes, obviously I’m a nut, I’m a nut, and I’m crazy! But bear with me, there is a point to my madness… I think!

An outpouring of thoughts and feelings stemming from the glorious, and precious Vampire Chronicle books of Anne Rice. The true Queen of the Damned that has given thousand-fold-dimensional life to what is considered gothic-horror fiction. The lady of wonders who has crafted the modern vampire of our world today, for without her, none of the modern vampires would come to existence.

This is not intended as a literary criticism as such, nor as a description of characters, but as a heartfelt thank you to Anne Rice, bearing reference to the cosmic beauty of her world. Spoilers not intended, but brashly executed, for that I apologise. Let me begin by quoting Justin Boyer, from his piece on ‘Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and the Psychological evolution of the vampire’:

By reading Anne Rice’s books in a psychoanalytic way, the reader does not only learn about the psychological depth of these fictional characters, but readers are unconsciously educated about the deep, enigmatic layers of his/her own psyche.

Anne Rice has built the ideal wish fulfilment of all humanity, well in a paradoxical kind of way. A life where the body is transformed into the perfect immortal instrument. Whilst death is possible with every dawn, for the new fledgling vampire, the safety of the starlit sky proposes a marriage to immortality. Live forever, in eternal youth. Now already, I hear Dr Yalom’s voice creeping in discussing the fear of death, as the primal source of anxiety, but I will leave existentialism for now…The vampiric body grows stronger, faster, senses are heightened to what the world considers as superhuman proportions, or paranormal extremes, all at the cost of living off the blood of mortals. Now Rice’s uncanny resemblance to vampiric sneakiness seeps through her writing, making this guilt-ridden picture of barbaric vampirism a little easier for us.

By drinking blood, vampires see into the soul and life of the ‘victim’, but learning and practicing ‘the little drink’, or killing off only the ‘evil doer’ eases and relaxes the vampires guilty conscience. Or as Boyer described our beloved vampire Lestat with a ‘morally relativist’ view, or ‘flexible Id’, Lestat is able to adapt his world view throughout the centuries. And let’s face it, it masks the monstrosity of murder, whilst allowing the vampire to survive and be loved by myriads of readers.

Anne’s sensuality creeps into every blood drinking scene. Yes, sex is replaced with the drinking of blood. And love, painful, protective, parental, flirtatious, innocent love is mixed with the evocative, wisdom, and history of ‘the ancient ones’. Ancient vampire makers entertain platonic friendships, so borderline romantic, but never consummated in the human act. So much alike the teenage need and fear of sex, need and fear of the parental figure, need and fear of independence; the vampire walks through an everlasting path of need and fear of loving sensation, and platonic flirtation.

Rather strange to see Rice dipping the tips of her fingers into the modern world of science in ‘Prince Lestat’, showing a glimpse of potential in the sexual act, but rather convincingly keeping it trimmed and safe and unimportant as an act in itself. Whilst quickly drying off her fingers to say ‘I can’t handle all this scientific jargon’. But in fact, it reminded her readers how vivid and luxurious her vampire world is even without sex, and science, which frankly, to this day no other modern vampire writer has managed to pursue. No monsieur, even in popular demand for sex and science, Anne Rice has managed to keep her hands clean off this raunchy, in your face, stupidity, and unconscious zombiefied ‘Fifty shades of grey’ society. And for that, I hail her. She has remained in her rich world, moved the vampires into 2014 with dignity, continuity, and consistency.

[In all honesty though, mademoiselle Anne Rice, we believe in you, and we are waiting for Atlantis to come to life, because we know you will do it better than anyone else. I do not believe, for one instant that scientific jargon is out of your reach! You’ve already touched base, if that’s where your heart takes you, just keep rolling with it!]

My mortal dumplings, whoever said vampires go to school (laugh), shine in the sun (puke), wear magic rings and burn with vervaine (gasp); must read these chronicles, then attempt to tell me how sad, pathetic, glitzy, and stupid vampires are!

If you are the literature lover and not convinced that you should read her books, than screw the story, if your human bodies can! Just follow Anne’s lush words as they drip out, rolling and tumbling into delicious heaps of rich, intelligent liquor, satin, philosophical sheets, velvet, indulgent chocolate, silk, historical underwear, and spicy juicy beef, through Egypt, Druids, Romans, of course New Orleans, Paris, New York, and the list goes on through time and space. Such are the sensations she evokes within her readers. Fuck! She is the QOTD! Screw Lestat, Anne is the true God of the vampires, better than Gremt, even beats Amel. How can you deny her evil goodness? Saturated in her Libran scales of beauty and perfection, Anne makes us remember the richness of life. Lures us into her world and invites us to see through a vampire’s eyes. This alone is enough to knock down any human misery. Her books beg us to remember and appreciate our precious life. See it as it is, rich, complex, dreadfully painful, yet morbidly fun and sensational.

And so my plan is to investigate. No, I’m not going to search the world for Marius de Romanus, however magical that would be! After discovering only a few weeks ago that a brand spanking new book was released last year, I vacuumed it in an instant, in a state of feverish joy, for finally the chronicles continue! And I’m re-reading the vampire chronicles, since I read them as a teenager, I’m hoping to make more links as to what drew my heart so close to them all those years ago. I hope to do some embodying of each important character and how I relate to it archetypally, journal it, and reflect on it. It’s a personal journey I mean to undertake. Usually I imagine myself typing it down and blogging it for the world to see. But most of the times it feels too exposing so I shy away.

We will see where this tide takes me. Maybe the strength of rock star/prince Lestat will compel me to post it, or maybe the moral ethics of Marius will shackle me in an underground cavern of sorts, painting, or knotting… We will see where the tide takes me…

With love to Anne Rice, to all the Vampire Chronicle readers of future, past, and present.

May the story live forever in our souls.